Designing for Business project partnered with Fidelity Labs Boston. The Penny Planner is a comprehensive project looking into the way startup incubators approach product design, prototyping, piloting, and marketing. Starting with a prompt from Fidelity and being grouped into teams, our team of four young women diverged from the initial path and became interested in the idea of financial responsibility and knowledge; how do young people learn it and how can we get them involved in their fiscal futures? Inspired by the movement of planners as a lifestyle item (over half the team used planners and one had previously done bullet journaling) and a need to integrate financial and fiscal language as a part of everyday life, the idea of a planner to keep money organized made perfect sense. Introducing the Penny Planner, the only planner you'll ever need to organize your life and money. 

To test our product and it's popularity, we created a website the would serve as an introduction to the planner and test people's interest in the product by seeing if they would engage and enter in their emails. In addition, we built out a social media marketing campaign via Instagram that would really reinforce the brand language.

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